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Hetalia Based Characters (c) Hidekai Himeruya
Knight Hunters Based Characters (c) Takehito Koyasu
Dark Shadows Based character (c) Dan Curtis
All Other Characters (c) Melissa C. Scraper (AnnieSmith)

Regular Time:
Lucy Collins Kudou
Full Name: Lucero Olivia Collins Kudou
Code Name: White Lotus
Born: May 18th, 1964
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Affiliation: Kritiker/Weiss
Job: Information Brokere
Marks: Three Inch scar on her right arm from her father attempting to kill her the night feliciano arrived.
Mother: Daphne Harridge Collins (Born 1948-Died 1974)
Father: Xavier Barnabas Quentin Collins (Born 1945-Died 1988)
Uncle: Gabriel Collins III (Born 1940 - Dies 2025)
Cousins: Feliciano Vargas (Born March 18th, 1963 - )
Matthew Collins (Born 1959-Died 1978)
Robert Collins (Born 1957-Died 1980)
Timothy Collins (Born 1962 - Died 1981)
Husband: Yohji Kudou (Born 1962 - Dies 2045)
Son: Desmond "Monty" Alexander Ran Kudou (Born 1988 -)
Daughter: Asuka Sakura Kudou (Born 1983-)

Ivan Braginsky (age 24 - 1982)
Roman Vargas (Age 21 -in 1982)
Momoru Takatori (Age 16 - in 1982)
Ken Hidaka/Ken'Ichi Himura (Age 19 - 1982)
Ran Fujimiya (Age 21 - in 1982)

From the moment of her birth, she was the one who would inherit a third of the state merely by the fact that she had been born.
She also inherited the house on the edge of the estate known as Rose Cottage. The Collins family had always been rather accentric about the wills they left.The Builder of Rose Cottage had left strict instructions that only a female Collins could own and live in Rose Cottage.

Due almost entirely to greed Lucy's father Xavier Collins systematically killed off first Lucy's Mother. Then Gabriel's sons that he knew about.
Anyway at the age of 16 Lucy first befriended the young italian, she would later find out to be her Cousin, Feliciano Vargas. Felui would be her Salvation as soon as he entered Collinwood as an exchange student.  Feli was there to scout Lucy to Join Kritiker in 1980-1981. But ended up being her protector and leading to the limp that Xavier had for the rest of his life.

Now Feliciano jumps on every opportunity to visit his cousin, because he brought out the person that Lucy never she could be. Without being a spy. Lucy was just glad to have someone her own age in Collinwood when she met Feliciano, she taught him all she knew of the secret passages of Collinwood. Including the secret that she had found where the secret Storage room in the house. In Late 1988, Lucy goes to Omi and requests to leave Kritiker Accepting that she will be a sleeper agent who may be called into active duty again at any moment. While not aware of the fact.

Gabriel Collins
Age: 48 (in 1988)
Hair: Curly and red
Eyes: brown
Height: 6 feet tall.
Job: Running Collins Seafood cannery
Markings: Scras on his hands from stopping several attempts xavier made to kill lucy

Wife: Laura Stockbridge Collins (Born 1942 - Died 1964)
Feliciano Vargas (Born March 18th, 1963 - )
Matthew Collins (Born 1959-Died 1978)
Robert Collins (Born 1957-Died 1980)
Timothy Collins (Born 1962 - Died 1981)
Niece - Lucy Collins Kudou
Brother - Xavier Collins
Sister - Olivia Marie Collins (Born 1942 - Died 1954)

Gabriel Collins the first person to become fully aware of the sadistic nature of his younger brother. When in 1954 he discovered Xavier attempting to strangle Olivia. Xavier failed to strangle her because Olivia Started screaming. After realizing  people would hear him. Xavier smothered Olivia to Death and Gabriel knew his younger brother would be dangerous but he also knew that the Collins family attorney would cover up the fact that Xavier was sociopath because he had discovered the true Collins family history hidden in a cault in bangor.

the version unknown to most of the world.  Lucy is the only other person that know that the reason her father went insane was because the ghosts of Collinwood possessed his soul. But I digress in an effort to get away from Collinwood as as college student Gabriel went to Italy and
ended up being taken in by the family Liliana Vargas the mother of Feliciano and Roman.  Liliana's husband was out of town a lot. One day while Roman was spending time with Liliana's relatives Liliana and Gabriel ended up talking and doing a little drinking. This later resulted in the Birth of Felciano Vargas who wouldnlt know until he was 20 that the man who had raised him was not his biological father. But thanks to this twist of fate. Feli also escaped being a victim of Xavier Collins.

But Unlike his children his wife was not killed by Xavier, his wife jumped off of widows hill following the sudden death of their baby daughter.
She left a not saying the Widows were calling to her she had to join them.  It was shortly after the death of his wife that Daphne discovered she was pregnant with Lucy.  Gabriel found Xavier standing over the basinet of his newborn daughter mumbling that money is mine you little brat. you will never have it. Gabriel  knew that at all costs he would have to protect Lucy. He also had a feeling that Xavier would wait until the child could be hunted like an animal and he was right. shortly before Lucy's tenth birthday Xavier made the first of 15 known attempts to kill Lucy.

The first time he met Feliciano  he knew two things right, Feli is a Collins and That Feli would protect Lucy too. He was also happy that Feliciano was bringing lucy out of her shell.  

Feliciano Vargas:
Age 17 (in 1980)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Nicknames: Feli, Fratello, Spazzy Italian, Pasta Boy, Cugino
Affiliation: Kritiker/Weiss
Skills: Martial Arts, bare knuckle boxing, like lucy he specializies in buying and selling information and he only personally attacks people if they attack him first.

Mother: Liliana Vargas (Born 1938 - Dies ?)
Biological Father: Gabriel Collins
Matthew Collins (Born 1959-Died 1978)
Robert Collins (Born 1957-Died 1980)
Timothy Collins (Born 1962 - Died 1981)
Roman Vargas (Born 1960 - )

Desmond "Monty" Alexander Ran Kudou (Born 1988 -)
Asuka Sakura Kudou (Born 1983-)
Lucy Collins Kudou (Born May 18th, 1964 - )

Ivan Braginsky (age 24 - 1982)
Momoru Takatori (Age 16 - in 1981)
Ken Hidaka/Ken'Ichi Himura (Age 19 - 1982)
Ran Fujimiya (Age 21 - in 1982)

The result od a drunken one night stand between his mother, Liliana, and Gabriel Collins.
Feliciano Vargas like his brother was recruited to kritiker for showing exceptional skills at cracking codes.
In 1980 he was chosen to scout the potential recruit, Known as Lucero Olivia Collins.
Having not been briefed on the fact that Lucy was being raised by a sociopath he had literllay been sent to the lion's den to save the sacrificial lamb.  

He knew two things right away, Lucy needed a friend and she also needed someone to protect her. Fortunately he had packed things he had needed in case of being called away on a mission.  Although he is not a killer he still knew how to set traps and when he witnessed Xavier Collins trying to murder Lucy for existing. He found it strange that before Lucy joined Kritiker she never questioned how an Italian boy from a small village could buy her gifts.

Even before he discovered their biological connection he had formed a deep bond with Lucy. Feli, always loved getting hugs from Lucy.Though he is willing to be paired with other spies. He preferts being teamed with Lucy and Roman. Later on in their relationship Lucy and Feli discover that he had previously been an exchange student assigned to other families and thus had gone to school at several point in the past with Lucy between the ages of 10 and 17.

Although he hopes Lucy never finds out, as soon as he finds out that Yohji Kudou has started a relationshipo with Lucy. He and ROman take Yohji to a quiet place in Russia. And Explain under no terms will he be exempt from harm befalling him because they'd grown quite attached her and viewed her has a sister since Liliana had never been able to have other children after Feli was born. Saying I don't care if you are bigger, older and stronger than I am. Lucy is family and if you do any thing to upset her you'll pay. Because our friend Mister Braginsky was a friend of mine before we joined Kritiker and he knows many ways to clean up messes.  because even though Feli is small in stature the members of Kritiker know not to get on his bad side because he can be dangerous.

Sometime in 1993 Feli meets someone and falls in Love. But this is after he moves into Collinwood.  

Part One of Bios...
Tuesday, July 17, 2012
1:01:14 AM
This is to go with my Spy Story

All previous disclaimers apply

Preview Pic: Rose Cottage, borrowed from the Dark Shadows Wiki

accorsing to the family history on the show Rose Cottage can only be owned by a female Collins so it's owed by Lucy
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